img_1732The trails are numerous on the Pink Granite Coast and the scenery changes with the seasons and the weather. The most famous hiking course Ploumanach famous because the village was voted “favorite French village” in 2015 but for these incredible rocks, roses of course, that invites the imagination and defy the laws of gravity . Between Ploumanach and the Trestraou beach, you have maybe a couple kissing or witch and many other animals … The pink granite coast is plural, so you can do other completely different routes but also worth a visit: a tour of the Ile Grande, round the island Renote Tregastel, make excursions to the Seven Islands with its famous bird sanctuary (gannets, puffins, Penguin, Tufted Puffin. ..), visit the town of Lannion, see the famous house between rocks in Plougrescant …. the walks are many and varied, you will not get bored if you love the great outdoors preserved our shores.